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White Zombie/Rob Zombie Albums!

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White Zombie:


White Zombie – La Sexorcisto: Satan Music, Vol. 1 (1992)

1. Welcome To Planet ~censored~ / Psychoholic Slag
2. Knuckle Duster (Radio 1-A)
three. Thunder Kiss ’65
four. Black Sunshine – (with Iggy Pop)
5. Soul-Crusher
6. Cosmic Monsters Inc.
7. Spiderbaby (Yeah-Yeah-Yeah)
eight. I Am Legend
9. Knuckle Duster (Radio 2-B)
10. Thrust!
11. One Huge Crunch
12. Grindhouse (A Go-Go)
13. Starface
14. Warp Asylum

FYI: 160Kbps 44Khz MP3



White Zombie – Astro Creep: 2000 — Songs of Love, Destruction, and Different Artificial Delusions of the Electrical Head (1995)
Hyperlink by iron! Thanks bro! Wink

1. Electrical Head, Pt. 1 (The Agony)
2. Tremendous-Charger Heaven
three. Actual Resolution #9
four. Creature Of The Wheel
5. Electrical Head, Pt. 2 (The Ecstasy)
6. Grease Paint And Monkey Brains
7. I, Zombie
eight. Extra Human Than Human
9. El Phantasmo and The Rooster-Run Blast-O-Rama
10. Blur The Technicolor
11. Blood, Milk And Sky

FYI: 192Kbps 44Khz MP3.

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Rob Zombie:


Rob Zombie – Hellbilly Deluxe (1998)

1. Name Of The Zombie
2. Superbeast
three. Dragula
four. Dwelling Lifeless Lady
5. Perversion 99
6. Demonoid Phenomenon
7. Spookshow Child
eight. How To Make A Monster
9. Meet The Creeper
10. The Ballad Of Resurrection Joe And Rosa ~censored~
11. What Lurks On Channel X?
12. Return Of The Phantom Stranger
13. The Starting Of The Finish

FYI: 128Kbps 44KHz MP3.

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Rob Zombie – American Made Music To Strip By (1999)
Hyperlink by Reines! Wink

1. Dragula (Si Non Oscillas, Noli Tintinnare Combine)
2. Superbeast (Porno Holocaust Combine)
three. How To Make A Monster (Kitty’s Purrrrformance Combine)
four. Dwelling Lifeless Lady (Subliminal Seduction Combine)
5. Spookshow Child (Black Leather-based Cat Swimsuit Combine)
6. Demonoid Phenomenon (Sin Lives Combine)
7. The Ballad Of Resurrection Joe (Ilsa She-Wolf Of Hollywood Combine)
eight. What Lurks On Channel X? (XXX Combine)
9. Meet The Creeper (Pink ~Censored~ Combine)
10. Return Of The Phantom Stranger (Tuesday Night time At The Chop Store Combine)
11. Superbeast (Lady On A Bike Combine)
12. Meet The Creeper (Brute Man & Surprise Lady Combine)

FYI: 192Kbps 44KHz MP3. Wink

http://rapidshare.de/information/16840269/A-ROBZ.AMMTSB.rar.html <-Lifeless


Rob Zombie – The Sinister Urge (2001)
Hyperlinks by Folks Suck + No One! Thanks mates! Wink

1. Sinners Inc.
2. Demon Dashing
three. Lifeless Lady Celebrity
four. By no means Gonna Cease
5. Iron Head
6. Go To California
7. Really feel So Numb
eight. Transylvania Transmission
9. Convey Her Down
10. Scum Of The Earth
11. Home Of 1000 Corpses

FYI: 320Kbps 44Khz MP3.

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Rob Zombie – Previous, Current & Future (2003)

1. Thunder Kiss ’65
2. Black Sunshine – (that includes Iggy Pop)
three. Feed The Gods
four. Extra Human Than Human
5. Tremendous Charger Heaven
6. I am Your Boogie Man
7. Fingers Of Demise (Burn Child Burn) – (that includes Alice Cooper)
eight. Nice American Nightmare, The – (that includes Howard Stern)
9. Dragula
10. Dwelling Lifeless Lady
11. Superbeast
12. Really feel So Numb
13. By no means Gonna Cease (The Purple Purple Kroovy)
14. Demon Dashing
15. Brick Home 2003 – (that includes Lionel Richie/Trina)
16. ~Censored~ Liquor
17. Blitzkrieg Bop
18. Two-Lane Blacktop – (beforehand unreleased)
19. Lady On Fireplace – (beforehand unreleased)

FYI: 192Kbps 44KHz MP3



Rob Zombie – Educated Horses:
Hyperlinks by Vann + Mamba + Reines + TriggerSpasm! Wink

01. Sawdust In The Blood
02. American Witch
03. Cunning Cunning
04. 17 12 months Locust
05. The Scorpion Sleeps
06. 100 Methods
07. Let It All Bleed Out
08. Demise Of It All
09. Journey
10. The Satan’s Rejects
11. The Lords Of Salem

FYI: unknown bitrates.

http://rapidshare.de/information/16916501/Horse.rar.html <-Lifeless

If anyone has every other White Zombie/Rob Zombie albums then please publish! Wink

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