Setting Up Your Newsletter For Maximum Profit!

Setting Up Your Newsletter For Maximum Profit!

There are hundreds of affiliate programs and products that offer commission out there but we only recommend a select few and here’s why

1) You need someone who has been around in this market for a long period of time and has a good track record of releasing new products for you to promote and paying commissions on time, every time.

2) You need quality products that are tested & proven to work through the use of hundreds of people and case studies of people using them.

3) You want to be paid lifetime commissions on all of your customers you refer which means that if they make another sale on one of their product to that person that you are also going to get paid on that sale.
You might be wondering where you could possibly find affiliate programs out there that match these three strict criteria but the good news is that we have found them for you.

We have four awesome affiliate programs that satisfy all of the criteria above and all have several products for you to promote so that you’ll never run out of things to sell and make money on.

The first is the Internet Marketing Center’s affiliate program.

You can signup for their affiliate program by clicking here

This company has been around for a long time and is one of the pioneers of Internet Marketing. Founded by Corey Rudl who sadly passed away a couple of years ago, it is still a force to be reckoned with and still offers tons of highly sought after and well converting products including recurring income products which pay you monthly.

The second is’s affiliate program.

You can signup for their affiliate program by clicking here

This company which is run by Founder Ken Evoy is one of the best ways that an aspiring online business owner can get started through it’s SiteBuildIt! product. The product is an easy sell and pays hefty commissions. You will also find loads of great training in the affiliate area to help you sell more product and make more commissions.

The third is Surefire Marketing’s affiliate program.

You can signup for their affiliate program by clicking here

This company is owned and operated by Yanik Silver which has been around for ages. He sells a wide range of quality Internet Marketing products that are proven to sell well and are like by loads of people online.

The fourth is Liz Tomey’s affiliate program.

You can signup for their affiliate program by clicking here

Liz offers many Internet marketing and PLR products as well as several niche products. You will have no problem finding something here to offer to your list. There are also some great monthly recurring commissions available.
Now with these four affiliate programs you have access to dozens of products. These are the highest quality products on the Internet and are offered by people that care not only about their customers but also their affiliates.

What you want to do to integrate these into your newsletter issues is as follows

After signing up for the four affiliate programs mentioned above you will receive e-mails from the programs that tell you where to get sales tools such as ads and your links from.

Click these links, select a few products you want to promote and get your affiliate link to use so your sales are tracked.

The next step is actually quite easy

You want to get some text from the affiliate programs (an ad that all of these programs offer you in your affiliate center) and use it as the P.P.S. of some of your messages.

You will notice that each of your issues has an article, a sign off line and a P.S. at the end; you want to add your short ad plus link on line space below the P.S.

Halimbawa, you might have an article that ends like this

Have a great day, YOUR NAME

P.S. Don’t forget to use the information in this article because it has the power to greatly increase the power of your business.

P.P.S. If you would like to jump start your business even more, you will definitely want to take a look at this page. You’ll find advanced information, secrets and ways of making even more money in your online business

Take notice of the bold portion which is what you are going to add to the issues of your newsletters.

Now here are a few rules to live by when doing this so that you get the biggest bang out of your advertisements and don’t offend anyone.

1) Don’t advertise in every issue. You don’t want to look like an advertising factory with your only intention being to get money from these people. While that may be your intention, the people on your list don’t need to know that.

I would recommend that you give 2 pieces of ad free content for every one piece that has a recommendation in it. If you want to advertise more, I wouldn’t recommend any more than one advertisement per one piece of content.

2) Make sure the product you are recommending is directly related to the articles. If you are recommending a search engine course to someone trying to learn about video on their site, they aren’t going to be responsive.

With the affiliate programs you’ve been given access to in this startup guide, you will never be at a loss for a product to promote. There are so many products in these affiliate programs that you can always closely match one of them to your article content and make some money from that recommendation.

Now grab your newsletters, drop in your affiliate links as described above and put them into your auto responder to automate your newsletter for as many year as you would like depending on your publishing schedule!

To Your Success!

Full Newsletter Index
Audio & Video

Introduction To Video – Talk about video and it’s importance on the Internet. A basic introduction.

Multimedia Is Storming The Web – Talk about the storm of multimedia (audio, video) on the web and where the web is headed.

Adding Audio To Your Website – A brief tutorial on adding audio to your website.

Adding Video To Your Website – A brief tutorial on adding video to your website.

The Best Ways To Use Audio – Cover a few effective ways to use audio on your website to enhance the image of your business.

The Best Ways To Use VideoCover a few effective ways to use video on your website to enhance the image of your business.

Using Audio & Video To Increase Profits – Cover ways to use video on your website to increase your sales conversion or signup rate for your newsletter.

Increase Response With Video Testimonials – Talk about obtaining, editing and presenting testimonials on your website via streaming video.

Why Video? – Go over why video is so important to your website right now and what it will do for your image in the eyes of your visitors, subscribers and customers.

Using Video To Boost Credibility – How to increase credibility through introducing yourself via video on your website or presenting a newsletter in video format.

Keyword Research

Why Keywords Are Important – Cover the aspects of why keywords are important to growing your business. Talk about them in the capacity of search engines and pay per click advertising.

Using Overture To Find Keywords – Cover the overture, keyword tools that you can use for free to build keyword lists.

Using Good Keywords To Build Keyword Lists – Cover ways to use Google and searching the search engine to find keywords for your keyword list.

The Tricks Of The Trade To Using Word Tracker – Go over word tracker, what it is and how to use the free trial. Also discuss the paid versions and their benefits.

Software Tools Of The Pro’s – Talks about tools like SEO Elite, Keyword Elite and as many other software tools you can find to write basic reviews on.

Free Tools To Generate Keywords – This covers how to use tools that cost nothing online. Good keywords, overture, Google tools, niche bot, etc. Reviews and links to the services.

Analyzing Competition For Keywords – Talks about looking up relevant keywords in Google and analyzing competing to locate more keywords for your list. Title tags, meta tags, site content analyzing, etc.

Finding Bids For Your Keywords – Covers using bid tools like overtures bid tool to find what people are paying for the keywords you want to bid one and target in the search engines.

How Many Keywords Should I Have? – Talks about keywords and the importance of having relevant, targeted and less competitive keywords that still provide ample search traffic.

Formatting & Cleaning Your Keyword List – Talk about formatting your keyword list for the pay per click search engines. How to quickly clean out bad words or special characters not wanted, etc.

Search Engines

Using Title & Meta Tags Effectively – Talk about selecting the proper keywords to enter into the keywords meta tags. How to write a good description meta tag. Using the title tag effectively.

The Tricks Of Keyword Density – Talk about having keyword density of 1-3% and how to sprinkle the keywords throughout the content naturally. Also cover tools to analyze the content to determine keyword density.

Writing Content For The Search Engines – Talks about writing content that the search engines love. Touch on keyword density. Also talk about the negative impact of keyword stuffing and over using keywords in your content.

The Differences Between Search Engines And Directories – Go over search engines like Google and also directories like yahoo. Cover major differences and why each is important in delivering traffic to each.

Search Engine Spiders – Talk about search engine spiders and what purpose they serve and how they work. Also talk about setting up a robots.txt file and uploading it to your site to make sure that your site is spidered.

Getting Listed Quickly – Do a tips type of article that lists multiple ways to get quickly indexed by the search engines. Briefly cover blogs, submitting, tracking index pages, etc.

How To Prevent Being De-Indexed – Talk about the cons of using black hat techniques in the search engines and mention them specifically. Talk about using natural, real strategies instead to prevent being de-indexed.

How To Please Visitors & Search Engines – In this article go over writing content that interests the visitor first and pleases them, then pleases the search engine next.

How Long Should My Pages Be? – Discuss why pages should be 700-1500 words for quality content reasons for the visitor and the search engines both.

Submitting & Re-Submitting Your Pages – Cover places to submit your pages and how to track your indexed pages so that you can resubmit pages that are dropped or are taking too long to get initially indexed.


Introduction To Blogs – A brief introduction to the history of blogs, what they are used for and why they are important to your online business.

Get A Free Blog Using – Talk about and what it is and do a tutorial on how to signup & do a simple setup & first blog post on your blog.

Monetizing Your Blog – Talk about using different ways of generating income from you blog such as Adsense, pay per lead, affiliate links, etc.

How Often Should You Post – Discuss posting frequency and why it’s important to keep your blogs content current to keep the rankings current and growing in the search engines.

Pinging SecretsGet The Word Out – Explain what pinging is and how it gets your blog posts publicized. Give a good list of ping services to submit to and explain how to do it.

Using Tags For More Traffic – Talk about tags on your posts and explain social bookmarking and what it does to get your site ranked higher for keywords. Talk about how to choose effective tags.

Using Blogs For Quick Search Engine Listings – Explain why blogging can get your site indexed quickly through blogging and pinging and effective linking and how to do it.

What Are Trackbacks? – Explain what trackbacks are and why they are important to getting traffic to yoru blog. Talk about how to get more trackbacks.

Handling Comments & Comment Spam – Explain why comments are great for feedback, how they help the credibility of your website and content. Also discuss comment Spam and how to prevent it from happening.

Self Hosted or Remotely Hosted Blog? – Cover services like who host your blog for you and what the benefits are and also cover software like word press which you install and host yourself and it’s pros. Also talk about the cons of each and how to choose which is best for you.

E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail MarketingWhy You Need It – This is an introduction to e-mail marketing and why it’s vital that you are using it in your marketing to increase profits online.

Setting Up And E-Mail List – A tutorial on how to setup an e-mail list as simple as possible. Cover services, software and options for doing this.

Using Autoresponders For Profit – Explain what an autoresponder is and discuss ways that they can be used to automate delivery of content. Discuss why they are important to staying in touch with subscribers and what options are available to use autoresponders.

Writing Promotions That Get Results – Discuss the psychology of writing and how to influence through writing. Cover different promotion types and what uses they serve.

Mistakes That E-Mail Publishers Make – Go over some common mistakes that people use in e-mail such as always trying to hard sell, not including unsubscription links, not personalizing, etc.

How To Generate Subscribers – Go over a few ways to generate subscribers to your newsletter, ezine or autoresponder without spending a fortune. Possibilities are article marketing, ppc, forum participation, etc.

Preventing Spam Complaints – Talk about using personalization to create trust in e-mail and cover things like including subscription information that tells when, how and who subscribed that e-mail to your list. Always offer a one click unsubscription option at the bottom of the e-mail. Record all subscription data.

Single Optin In Or Double Optin? – Go over the pros and cons of single and double optin e-maill and how to choose which is right for your business model.

How To Create Urgency In E-Mail – Explain how to create urgency and the “need to buy” in your messages. Discuss psychology of selling and what triggers the people’s emotional cues to purchase.

Promoting Affiliate Products Via E-Mail – Explain how to select relevant affiliate products and services for your list and how to promote them effectively. Talk about selecting a credible affiliate partner and how to measure profit.

Adsense Profits

What Is Adsense? – Introduce the reader to Adsense, what it is and what it’s used for.

How Can Adsense Be Used For Profit? – Talk about the different ways of using Adsense for profit such as putting ads on blogs, websites, in html e-mails, etc.

Making Sure Your Adsense Results Are Targeted – Talk about using the Adsense system to make sure that the ads displayed on your page are targeted to your visitors for maximum clicks.

Blending Adsense Ads With Your Site – Cover the ways to make the Adsense ad blocks blend with your site. Cover changing style, colors and placement, background color, etc.

Click Fraud & How It’s Prevented – Talk about the possibilities of competitors clicking on your ads to get your account red flagged. Also talk about ways that click fraud is tracked and dealt with. Discuss why NOT to click your own ads.

Where Is The Best Place For Your Ad Blocks? – Talk about where the best place on your pages is for putting ad blocks on your site, blog or html e-mail. Talk about placing ads within content.

Which Type Of Ad Block Should You Use? – Go over the various types of ad blocks available in the Adsense service and what each is good for. Also go over how to choose the best for you.

How To Use Content To Entice The Click – GO over the importance of creating quality content that leaves the reader wanting more so they click an ad and make you money.

Choosing High Profit Keywords To Target – Show how to find high profit keywords to target for maximum revenue with your site. Go over how to select the right keywords for your site. Cover creating a balance between high income keywords and keywords that match your site well.

Why You Need To Create Loads Of Content – Talk about the importance of content and why it’s the driving force to getting people to click through. Tell how to write engaging content.

Creating & Selling eBooks

How To Write An Outline For Your Book Idea – Show how to create an outline for writing yoru book from and why it’s important to making writing easier.

7 Ways To Write Quickly – Share seven ways (any will do) on writing quickly and how to speed up the writing process.

Using Interviews To Add More Content To Your Book – Explain how to contact and interview an expert in your field. Cover interviewing techniques and how to ask effective questions. Also talk about integrating the interview into your book.

The Importance Of Proof Reading & Spell Checking – Talk about proof reading and editing and why it’s important to the final look of the product. Discuss how to find and hire a professional to work on your product.

Creating A Sales Site For Your Ebook – Discuss some basic salesletter techniques to create a sales page for your book. Discuss graphics, testimonials and how to use each effectively.

Setting Up An eBook Affiliate Program – Go over using click bank to setup an affiliate program for your ebook. Tell how to do it, and also talk about how to create sales tools such as e-mails and ads for affiliates to use.

How To Find People To Promote Your Ebook – Talk about using search engines to find sites that you can contact to promote your product. Also discuss how to write a JV letter to get the site owner interested.

Adding Bonuses To Add Value – Talk about reports and eCourses as bonuses and how easy and fast they are to create. Discuss perceived value and how to increase it with bonuses. Also cover strategies for fast action like limited time bonuses or bonuses only available to the first 100 customers, etc.

Getting Testimonials To Create Trust – Tell how to get testimonials for your product by asking people to review your product for free in exchange for an honest testimonial you can use on your site. Talk about using pictures, video and audio in your testimonials. Also cover why testimonials create more trust and credibility.

Generating Organic Traffic With Articles – Tell how to write articles to promote your site and how to submit them to article directories to get traffic to your site.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Choosing The Best Keywords – Cover researching keywords and how to select the best ones for your business. Discuss the importance of choosing targeted keywords.

How To Check Current Bids – Cover tools such as overtures bid check tool that show you the bids so you can see what the current bids are. Talk about determining what keywords are going to be potentially profitable.

Analyzing Potential Profitability Of Keywords – Discuss how to analyze keywords based on research, bids and competition and how to determine what is going to be profitable in our business.

Yahoo or Google? – Google and Yahoo both have pay per click programs. Talk about both of them and why starting with just one is good for starting slow. Tell the pros and cons of each and how to choose the right service to go with.

How To Increase Click Throughs – Talk about click throughs, what they are and how to get people to click. Talk about ways to get your visitors to click through more often. Discuss ways to increase click throughs.

The Tricks To Getting Higher Quality Visitors – Talk about ways to get high quality visitors to your site that like the content and like clicking on your ads. Cover quality in content creation.

Finding No Competition, Related Keywords – Talk about finding search phrases and keywords that are related to your target audience but not the exact keywords for your site. Discuss using these to get loads of semi-targeted traffic to your site.

Test & Track All Of Your Individual Keywords – Talk about the importance of tracking and testing all of the keywords that you select to target so you can always have a clear vision on which are profitable. Talk about why testing is so vital to the success of a website.

What’s Better? 1st, 2nd or 3rd Place? – Cover the pros and cons of bidding for spots 1,2, 3 in the pay per click search engines. Discuss how to determine which is right for you.

Determining Your Maximum Bid – Give some simple formulas for determined the profit in your product after costs and how much you can spend to generate a customer.

Affiliate Marketing

What Are Affiliate Programs? – Tell what affiliate programs are, what their function is and why they are important online.

Making Money With No Product – Cover the ease of making money online with no product, no inventory and no shipping or customer hassles through marketing affiliate products.

How To Choose An Effective Affiliate Program – Create a few guidelines that people can use to choose an affiliate program that will both make them money and keep their reputation in tact with their customers.

Make Sure You Get Paid! – Tell about scam affiliate programs and how to evaluate each one for surety in them paying you. Tell about not choosing shady programs or programs with no track record. Tell why this can be bad for customers and you.

Promote Products You Believe In – Explain that people should only promote products they believe in because if they don’t think the product is worth buying, their visitors won’t be happy when they buy it and will never come back to the site. Discuss creating trust through valuable recommendations that enrich the lives of your visitor.

Writing Recommendations – Tell how to write a recommendation and review of a product to create buzz and make sales. Give a small template and tell how to create a review quickly.

Generating Traffic With A Newsletter – Tell how to publish a newsletter on a topic you’re interested in and using it as a vehicle to promote affiliate products. Also discuss how to find articles to publish in article directories so you don’t have to write anything.

3 Traffic Methods For The Affiliate – Talk about using article to submit to directories to create traffic. Talk about basic search engine optimization to get listed in the search engines. Go over using a blog to generate traffic as well. Cover all of these briefly and how to use them generate traffic.

How To Increase Commissions – Tell how to increase commissions through testing and tracking different reviews, traffic methods or traffic sources.

Using A Squeeze Page To Build Your List – Give example squeeze page text and explain how to use one to get people into your e-mail list first, before promoting a product. Tell them why it’s important because you have a list you can promote to as many times as you want if you get their contact information first.

Articles Marketing

Brainstorming Ideas – Cover ways to come up with ideas and research related subjects for article ideas. Talk about using search engines and directories for idea generation.

Using Forms For Article Content – Talk about visiting and participating in forums for article ideas. Talk about finding questions people are asking and using that question to write an article.

How To Use An Outline – Cover outline strategies for planning out an article to make it easier to write. Discuss the importance of creating an outline.

Writing Faster – Go over ways to beat writers block and to write faster. Talk about writers block, what causes it and how to defeat it.

How To Find What’s Hot To Write About – Talk about using sites like Amazon and eBay to find hot products and subjects to use as article subjects. Also cover advanced brainstorming strategies.

Writing Captivating Content – Talk about writing for the reader and how to keep them interested in your content. Discuss the pit falls of writing dry, boring content and how it drives away people that may have purchased a product or clicked an ad.

Generating Traffic With Articles – Discuss writing article for promotion. Also cover submitting this articles to directories for getting traffic to your site. Discuss a regular article submission schedule to build lasting traffic. Also cover trading articles with other authors.

Submitting To Article Directories – List the top article directories. Tell how to effectively submit articles so that directories are happy with you. Talk about possible traffic numbers with articles.

Making eCourses With Articles – In this article you want to discuss how to combine related articles to create informative eCourses that can be given away through e-mail. Tell how easy it is to use existing content to create these eCourses.

Using Articles Multiple Ways – Cover different ways to use articles for content so maximize the value you get out of the content you write. Tell how you can use articles to create reports and mini-courses. Talk about using a large quantity of related articles to create a small book. Discuss creating membership content with your articles. Basically show them how to use articles for as many uses as possible.

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