Spending Longer or Prolonged Time Together While Dating

When your dates have progressed to a point where you both are comfortably spending more time together, or you are having more frequent dates, then it may be ther right time to take your dating experience a step further and consider even more intimate time together.

         A more intimate time together means being in each other’s company for a prolonged period of time. One way in which that can be done is by having a weekend together or by going away on a getaway trip. A weekend together could simply be spending the entire time at either you or your date’s apartment. To make the best of that time, the individual who will be host should make sure that their place is clean and welcoming. There should also be plans about what will be done for dinner or lunch so that there aren’t any inconveniences to interrupt the time you will be sharing. So it’s best if chores like grocery shopping and cleaning are done beforehand. That way you both can spend the weekend in a totally relaxed and enjoyable manner. You will feel free to do whatever you both want to do and to go wherever you also want to go, without feeling constrained by the need to get any tasks done.

         Another way to spend a prolonged period of time together is to have a joint vacation. That will mean planning and coordinating time off from work, planning how the trip will be coordinated and also making all necessary travel arrangements. You both will also have to agree on a place for the vacation that you both think you will find immensely enjoyable.

         Going away for a vacation together can greatly enhance your date because you will be in a different environment and that, by itself, usually contributes a big benefit toward feeling positive, refreshed and energized. By being together on a vacation, you also will get to share and enjoy interests that are common to both of you, and others which either you or your date like. By doing so, you will also discover more and new qualities about your date, again enhancing your dating.

         An extended time can also be spent with your date while you are dating, if either of you move in temporarily with the other. If you and your date enjoy a close relationship that has progressed to being very serious, then either of you will feel comfortable to help out the other in a situation where there is need for temporary housing. Such situations can arise for example if your lease isn’t renewed and you were unable to find a suitable place by the time you have to move. Rather than settling for a secondary option, your date may offer to have you stay at their place until you find somewhere that you are totally comfortable with.

And if you have you own your house or apartment, a circumstance may arise in which there is work being done there that makes it inconvenient for you to occupy it. In such situations, so long as you are very comfortable with your date, it’s quite fine to temporarily stay at their place.

A shorter time may also be spent with your date if from time to time you both have sleepovers at each other’s place. You will see more of each other and be able to share time and talk in a more intimate manner and setting than when you are on a date, or by a phone conversation. Because a sleepover is also a brief time together, you likely will be more attuned to making the most of it and in so doing will also increase how close you become with each other.



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