Some Don’ts for Dating

Dating is about getting to know someone. It is therefore a process about exploration and discovery. But common sense and the norms of society dictate that there are certain things you can and can’t do, or that you should and shouldn’t do.

Among the first recommended don’t is blabbing at work about someone who you are dating. This doesn’t mean that you can’t talk about the person to a few of your colleagues at work or to the person who sits beside you or in a neighboring cubicle. It may be unavoidable to not mention your date especially after a weekend when everyone usually starts off the work week by asking, “so, how was your weekend?” If you went out on a date during the weekend, well, it’s fine to mention it.

What blabbing means, however, is that you shouldn’t constantly, seemingly in a never ending way, be talking about your dating experience or your date to just about anyone and everyone. Your work colleagues shouldn’t have the feeling that as soon as you open your mouth they will have to be subjected to hearing about what you did and where you went on your latest date, and what you think about the person.

It’s even worse if the person whom you are dating is someone at work or within the same company that you work. Even if that person is in a different department or at a different site, it’s best to maintain a high level of privacy about your dating relationship. Otherwise it is sure to become known to everyone, because even if the person is at another site, there is sure to be others who will have some contact with fellow workers at that site.

While you also should not blab about date, you also shouldn’t be telling everyone about personal habits or ways of your date that you have learned about through seeing the person and going out. Personal relationships are just what they are – personal. So if you talk to just about anyone and tell them about the type of person your date is, tell them things that are known only to you, then you are violating the personal aspect of the dating relationship.

And just as important, or even more important, is disclosing private, personal information about your date. This includes for example, health, financial or family-related information that your date may have disclosed to you in confidence. And although some personal information such as one’s address, phone number and email address is partially public, you also shouldn’t give that information about your date to just anyone.

In relation to the person who you are dating, there also are things that will directly affect the individual that you shouldn’t do. You shouldn’t post a picture of the person anywhere on the Internet without their permission. You also shouldn’t be inconsiderate and do things like calling your date at anytime, such as extremely late at night and very early in the morning. Night owl and early bird phone calls are very irritating and annoying, unless the person is on an irregular schedule and again, you have been told that’s it okay to call at that time.

Another annoying thing that is not recommended is to be constantly bombarding your date’s email mailbox by sending Internet fwd. messages and Internet jokes, humorous and other types of pictures, poems, letters of hope or of desperation with a request to pass it on to as many people as possible.

Messages that keep getting forwarded via the Internet simply clog up mailboxes and also carry the risk of having a destructive virus attached to them that can ruin your computer’s hard drive and all your files. There are some people who like getting these messages. But again, unless your date has said he or she doesn’t mind getting those messages, you shouldn’t pass them on.

The above-mentioned don’ts for dating should therefore be kept in mind. They aren’t difficult to observe and you’ll find that following them likely will enhance your dating experience and enrich the bond you are developing while dating.

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