Safety Issues Related to Health While Dating

Of more importance than your personal information       while dating, is your health. If your health is affected, you hope that you can be treated and that you will regain and be restored to your to your former healthy status. But unlike your personal information which if stolen you can regain, there is no certainty that you will be able to get back your good health, should something happen to you as a result of dating.

The primary health concern while dating is the transmission of disease through sexual intercourse. To prevent the transmission of HIV and other sexually-transmitted diseases, it’s of the utmost importance that a condom be used during intercourse. If your date objects, then maybe it’s not yet right for the two of you to be so intimate.

When you are sleeping with someone, technically you are sleeping with all the people that person has slept with. It may be ironic, but when you are dating and getting to know someone, you are hoping for the best about them but you also really don’t want to know all of their past personal history. You are hoping that your date’s past personal history doesn’t include sordid details such as promiscuity. If your date is totally honest and open and reveals such details, it’s certainly going to affect your opinion and likely in a negative way.

Without getting every bit of intimate detail, you have to therefore make a judgment about your new date and about the extent to which they may have been involved in risky behavior. Bear in mind that risky behavior also means drug use, as a dirty needle can also transmit HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

You can be safe healthwise, however, with an individual who has HIV. It may not have been his or her fault. The individual could have contracted the disease unknowingly from a promiscuous partner. But if you accept being with someone who has HIV, regardless of how your date acquired the virus, you will always have to use a condom.

If  your dating relationship gets serious, you also should insist that you both get tested for AIDS and other sexually-transmitted disease, and that you both reveal the test results to each other. That way you can be at least certain about one aspect of your date’s health hopefully before you both become intimately involved.

Although HIV is the most serious sexually-transmitted virus to be concerned about, you can’t forget other sexually-transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia. They still exist in individuals in the society at large and they can also cause very serious ailments.

You also have to be cautious with your new date about seemingly everyday habits. They are important because they can cause the spread of germs. While there is hardly any reason for an extremely high concern about ‘super germs,’ there is harm that the common bacteria can cause that shouldn’t be overlooked. Serious, painful maladies such as gastroenteritis and diarrhea can result from lack of cleanliness and poor hygiene.

Moreover, if you aren’t healthy, you can’t really go out on a date. So, all the precautions and actions to observe and maintain good health should be taken by yourself and your date.

Observing everyday health habits also makes your environment pleasant to be around. And no matter how much you may like your date, if he or she can’t be clean, it’s going to be upsetting to you. And that will affect the interaction and subsequent quality of any dating experience.

It’s often noted that money can’t buy your health, and your health can’t be replaced. Therefore, it is to your benefit to do all that you can to ensure that your health and a healthy environment are maintained while dating.

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