Romantic Dating Affairs

A desirable dating occasion occurs when both people have fun and recall the time spent together as memorable. One of the surest ways to ensure that happens is to have a romantic date. A romantic date can be planned, or it can just happen accidentally or by coincidence. In either case, there are some factors that must be present for magical and romantic moments to happen.

Among the factors needed for dating occasion to be romantic, are three that can be described as ‘A’ factors – ambience, activity and attraction – between two individuals who are dating.

Ambience is what creates the all important feature of mood. The mood, which is the overall environment and atmosphere of a location, has to be right for the time spent there to be considered romantic. The mood created by the ambience can propel what would be an average of ordinary date into one that becomes romantic. The mood is therefore what helps to create sparks to make the time together feel special, magical and romantic.

Among the things that help to create the right ambience for romance are the lighting, music and an attractively decorated environment. Lighting that creates a romantic moment for a date is usually subdued. This can be in the form of controlled lighting with a switch to modulate it, or it can be from the use of candles. The presence of candlelight is pretty much a must-have for romantic experiences while dating, if there is no controlled lighting.

Lighting by itself isn’t enough to bring out the romance factor in a date. The right lighting has to be paired with the right type of music to truly be able to have an effect on the atmosphere and on the two individuals who are dating. While music tastes differ and vary, and musical melodies differ from one culture to another, romantic music usually also has a subdued quality. Music and lighting can therefore be seen as the twin factors that must be present to create a romantic date.

The right ambience for a romantic date is also enhanced by an attractive and pleasant environment. Simply stated, the place where individuals go on a date, where they plan to spend time and where they may hope to have romance in the air, must be clean and pleasant. This can be achieved with minimal decorations. The most important factor is that you and your date must feel comfortable and totally at ease, which will happen if you are in a pleasant surrounding.

Along with ambience, the activity to be engaged in during the date also will determine if the time on the date will be experienced or looked back on as a romantic one. Again, while different individuals will vary in the activities they choose for a dating experience, there are some that ware more conducive to creating romance.

Going out to dinner, or staying in at home for a dinner date is one of the most sure ways to get or set romantic fires alight during a date. It’s unexplainable, but there is something about the combination of good food, good music and low lights or candle lights that can transform eating into a romantic affair.

And lastly, even with all the above-mentioned factors, time spent on a date will not be romantic unless the two individuals are attracted to each other. Romance happens when a touch, a glance or some other gesture cause that warm feeling to envelop the two individuals who are dating, and also happens to them simultaneously.

While certain factors can be present to enhance the creation of a romantic date, it can’t be planned. If you have a date with some or all of the factors previously mentioned however, and if you are highly attracted to your date, you likely will share a memorable dating experience that just may turn out to be a very romantic one.

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