Red Flags that Indicate Safety Issues

Common sense is sometimes thought to be a misnomer because it should be capital sense. That’s especially true when it comes to picking up clues, little actions or behavior that serve as red flags or warning signs to watch out for something that may be suspicious about your date.

A big red flag can be picked up with how your date deals with money. If your date is always asking to borrow money from you, common sense should tell you that something is very wrong and that dating that person is unlikely to turn out to be romantically happy. If your date has to borrow money, then it means he or she doesn’t have a stable financial situation.

There could be a myriad of causes for that, but regardless of the situation, your date shouldn’t be dating because he or she has personal issues that needs to be worked out. You don’t want your dating experience or relationship to be one that includes someone’s financial problems.

Alongside borrowing money, if your date seeks use of your ATM card, you should also be alarmed because your ATM card should be for your use only. If your date has access to your ATM card and knows your PIN, you have opened up and let go of a big area of your private domain.

Allowing use of your ATM card could give your date access to bank records, which should remain personal. So, another red flag is if your date seems to be trying to get hold of, or access to other personal financial records of yours. If you question the reason why your date wants to access your financial records, he or she will likely have a good or reasonable answer. But you need to realize the danger of giving out your private information, and not be convinced by your date to reveal it.

If your date really wants the information, he or she may resort to snooping, trying in a secret way to invade your privacy. You will have to be extremely alarmed and taken aback if this occurs and not wait for any explanation from your date. You will need to realize that when someone engages in such actions, they don’t want to be caught. But if they are caught in the act, they will have a ready and very believable explanation that can sway you.

Along with being deceptive, snooping also shows that your date is unable to give you personal space. If your date feels the need to snoop because he or she feels that you are hiding information that should be known then your date is clearly immature and insecure as well as not trustworthy. You don’t know how the individual will use the information and so you have to be alarmed because your safety, your name and your reputation will be at risk. Identity theft or other fraudulent activity could result from using the information that has been gathered.

And if there are times that your date seems extremely anxious and worried but says that everything is alright when you ask, then you should trust your instinct – what your gut is telling you – and also be anxious about continuing to date the individual.

You should never, ever disregard any situation you have suspicions about. And especially while dating, you have to always have your eyes open to spot any ‘red flags’ that could signal problems, and especially problems regarding your safety. You will need to remember that in many cases when individuals didn’t act early when they had suspicions about a date’s actions, the outcome was near fatal or fatal.

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