Reasons to Date Only One Person

When dating, there aren’t any rules that state you have to date only one person. Unless you and your date have an agreement or an understanding of exclusivity, then the field is open for play. Whether you have been engaged in dating with one or multiple dates, depends on you and you are affected by certain factors.

If you are new at dating, if you are just beginning to date, then you likely will have only one date. Essentially, you’ll be taking part in something that you don’t know much about. So it’s therefore best to take it slow for the beginning stages. Unless you are extremely confident and self-assured, you may become overwhelmed and get too anxious about balancing the routine of life and your dates to have more than one dating partners.

Dating is about having fun and getting to know someone. If it becomes stressful, especially at the onset, then its purpose would be lost and the goal or objective a failure, before your efforts at dating were fully materialized.

Another circumstance in which you may be ‘new’ to the dating scene is if you are coming out of an established relationship that ended. While you wouldn’t be new to dating like someone who is on a first date, it would have been a while since you would have been out on a ‘date.’ Although you would have gone out with your previous partner, it wouldn’t have been the same as going on a date. That’s because you don’t hear individuals in established relationship saying that they are going on a ‘date’ with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Usually they will say my partner, girlfriend or boyfriend and I plan to go to the movies or to dinner.

The reason it may not be advisable to have multiple dates if your are coming out of a relationship, is that you really need time to get over that breakup, to analyze what went wrong, and to understand and acknowledge where you are emotionally. If you don’t take the time to do such emotional assessment, then it could cause you to carry over negative emotions into your dating experiences, which would cause problems. Consequently, you may find that your dates would fizzle and you would be left wondering ‘what’s wrong with me.’

If you do an analysis or assessment with honesty, there’s a high possibility it could be a great benefit to your dating experiences. That’s because it will enable you to know what to look for, you would know what you want and you would be better able to identify it. You would also likely find it much easier to spot red flags that indicate something about your date that doesn’t meet your desire.

So it’s therefore advisable to have one date if you are starting to date again after being in an established relationship. Again, remember that dating should be a pleasant experience. So if you can, its best to minimize the possibility, or better yet, to eliminate anything that may cause your dating experience to go awry.

To express the thought another way, it’s best not to risk the possibility of complicating the situation by having multiple dates when you are starting to date again after recently experiencing a breakup.

Having multiple dates is also complicating to the extent that you are trying to weave through, to understand and keep track of various personalities and their likes and dislikes. For someone who doesn’t like to clutter their brain with being forced to remember such facts, multiple dating wouldn’t be a pleasant experience.

To get the most from dating and to give yourself a fair chance at having a successful relationship after a recent breakup, it’s therefore best if you begin to date again by concentrating on dating only one person.

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