Reasons Having Multiple Dates May Work for You

Having a date relieves much of the anxiety or question of what you are going to do on a Friday or Saturday night. Removing pressure and lessening stress are also primary reasons it may be good to consider having two or even three people to date simultaneously.

It’s important to point out that the dating being referred to is one in which you haven’t established any exclusivity in a relationship with anyone. The two of you have agreed to go out and may or may not explore the possibility for a serious relationship. Given that agreement, it therefore wouldn’t be unfair play to be involved in dating other individuals.

There’s also the possibility that one type of date could be a ‘quasi-date.’ This means that although it looks like a normal date, it really isn’t. It could be a situation, for example, where you know someone who doesn’t have a lot of free time for dates, but when that person wants to go out on the spur of the moment, both of you make an arrangement to go out. You both know and are familiar with each other, so its okay and easy to go out. But you both know that you also aren’t looking for a relationship to develop into a serious one.

That is different from a real date where there will be much consideration and thought given to the possibility of the relationship getting serious. So having multiple dating is acceptable since you may be involved in dating a familiar person in a quasi-date scenario, as well as the usual regular dating.

But even having more than one regular date can be justified. To get back to the reason for that, having more than one date is a way to take the pressure and stress from the situation where the hope is that it will work out with the person and the relationship will progress to a serious one.

Having more than one date removes the pressure as there’s now more than one person to consider. Or, maybe you have multiple dates but you aren’t looking for a serious relationship because you may not be ready, or it just may not be the right time to enter one. If you are going out with more than one person, it makes it easier to have ‘cordial dates.’ That’s because it may be inevitable and only a matter of time before the expectation or question of ‘where is this going?’ comes to the surface when you are involved with a single date.

In other words therefore, you can feel justified to have multiple dates if you know that you aren’t looking for, expecting, anticipating or hoping that a committed relationship will evolve from the dating experience. Having multiple dates will therefore be like going out with different friends simply to share time together that is fun-filled and enjoyable.

Another reason you may find to have multiple dates is a surprising one – if you have a pleasing personality or other attractive feature that attracts others to you. Having some type of attractive feature, including good looks, is an attention grabber and a big magnetic pull. If you have those qualities, don’t be surprised to get very willing dating offers, even if you volunteer the information that you already have one or more dates.

Each wannabe date will have the belief that they will be the one to capture your heart. It will therefore be up to you to decide if you will accept more than one of those willing suitors and explore what it’s like to be engaged in multiple dating.

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