Problems that can Affect Dating

Everyone has different personalities that are formed from their cumulative experiences in life. Some of those experiences unfortunately weren’t pleasant and had lasting effects that affected individuals for most of their life. Consequently, some of those issues and problems can also have a detrimental impact on dating and other relationships.

One of those issues concerns problems that you may have from a prior breakup of a relationship. When any friendship or bond is formed with a person, it is special. Therefore, when that bond is broken and the friendship no longer exists, it can be very traumatic. If you or your date had such an experience, there could be lingering anger based on the reason the friendship ended. Those lingering feelings of anger and thoughts about the broken relationship can be carried into your dating and affect the extent to which you trust or have confidence in your date.

Because issues from that past relationship were also not resolved, you or your date may even project them onto each other. You will see what you believe is similar behavior from the past relationship and be quick to condemn or interpret it in a way that may not be true. The problems from your past relationship would therefore be masking your view and preventing you from independently seeing and evaluating your present date and dating relationship.

The opinion of family and friends can also affect your dating experience negatively. It’s likely that the occasions when your family and friends would have met your date, they would have formed an opinion about him or her. But a brief meeting is not enough time to really know someone and to have an opinion about the person. So while you need to consider any opinion from your family and friends, you also shouldn’t see them as being absolutely valid.

Problems you have at work can also eventually affect your interaction with your date. Work is a significant factor in everyone’s lives because it enables you to enjoy a certain quality of life. Therefore, if things aren’t going well at work, it will be a considerable weight on your mind. It will affect your mood, your energy level and what you are most concerned about. If you aren’t in a good mood and you are feeling depressed, then you likely won’t have a high excitement level and want to go on a date to have fun.

While it’s okay to expect some understanding from your date, because for everyone there are times when things don’t go well, it’s unreasonable for you to have a prolonged sour mood and expect your date to accept it. So, you have to learn to get over bad experiences or bad days at work and not carry over that sentiment into a date or even into conversations and other communication with your date.

Another issue that can be a problem while you are dating is if you are a pessimistic person. That is someone who always sees the negative side of things, doesn’t have a positive outlook and is argumentative.

Again, your outlook is likely affected by certain experiences you had. So, you need to do a careful analysis of yourself and examine the extent to which your present reality is different from those experiences. By so doing, you should be encouraged by your present circumstances and draw upon them to help you to overcome negative experiences of the past. That way, you will be able to give the best of yourself to your date, and in turn, be very receptive to the best of what your date has to offer.



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