Pitfalls in Dating

To reap the rewards from many activities, some degree of risk has to be taken. The same applies to dating. Much caution should be taken while engaged in dating, especially at the start. You will need to remember that the person is a stranger and therefore you don’t know much about him or her. As your dates continue and progress however, there are some pitfalls or dangers that you will need to be watch out for.

In this technological age, you will need to be extremely cautious about guarding your personal information and also about how your date uses the Internet and the web.

That’s because there is the possible danger that your date could misuse your personal information in myriad of ways via the Internet. At worst it could be used for fraudulent actions such as making purchases. In more milder ways, your date could use basic personal information such as your email address for sending spam and junk mail to others. Your date could also pass on your email address to others and have them send you junk mail and spam.

It’s also possible that your date could set up a webcam and capture images of you or of the two of you and post it onto a website. Images of you in the form of pictures that you may also give or show to your date could also be posted on the Internet without your permission. To avoid and prevent these actions, you need to expressly and clearly tell whoever you are dating that they shouldn’t give out your email or any other personal information about you, nor put any images of you on the Internet without first informing you of their intentions.

Another pitfall that you should be aware of is if your date seems to be too much in love with you. It may feel great at first to have someone shower a lot of attention on you and tell you that you are the most wonderful person he or she has ever met. But if it turns out that your date is obsessed with you, that he or she in anyway displays fanatic or unreasonable behavior, then you need to know that a very dangerous situation could develop from any dating experiences you have with the individual.

A dangerous situation that could develop is if your date’s obsession with you progresses into stalking. That would mean that your date would want to know about your every move, would watches you, would begin to demand that you both spend more time together and would get enraged and jealous if you want to spend time with friends and family, or even want to pursue some activities on your own.

In such a situation, you wouldn’t feel safe or be safe, so you need to be careful about whether your date’s affection for you is reasonable or if it appears to be obsessive.

An undesirable situation can also develop if you discover hidden or questionable character traits about your date. If your date shows that he is untrustworthy, or you find the individual in situations where he or she is lying, cheating or stealing, then certainly those actions are an indication that your date is not someone with whom you should continue to see or be seen with on a regular basis.

The same is true if you find out that your date has been unscrupulous, has committed any criminal offenses or is the type of person whom you would describe as perverted. Even if there are other notable qualities about your date, you have to determine if you can deal with someone who seemingly has a dual personality that includes highly undesirable traits.

Being aware of these and other pitfalls while dating will prevent you from being hurt and disappointed, and also from extreme embarrassment that could result if in the future you introduced your date to friends and family.

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