Meeting a Date Inadvertently

So how many times, or have you ever been in the supermarket, out doing grocery shopping or just making a stop at a shopping plaza and someone comes up and starts small talk. The conversation is light and friendly, and then the question is asked, “So, are you single?” And then you know where the conversation is headed.

Meeting a potential date by chance, inadvertently, or coincidentally is still possible. If you are the one who gets asked the question, it shows that you have something to spark an initial attraction. And if you are the one who initiates and eventually asks the question, it also shows that you have an attractive quality because you managed to attract and capture the attention of a stranger.

After getting that initial attention, if there’s still interest, then you’ll certainly be interested in trying to arrange a first date. That first date may even be the same location where you both had that first chance encounter. It would however be a somewhat unusual date as it would be geared toward whatever activity you both were doing at the time of the first meeting.

So for example, if it were grocery shopping, then you could both agree to meet at the store at around the same time, maybe about the next week or whatever time is convenient to both of you. Agreeing to meet at such a public location for a routine activity is best because you both are total strangers to each other. The way you and your date met would have been different from other situations where you would have gotten at least some chance to know a little about the person, or to get some knowledge from someone else who knows the individual.

It’s not impossible however, for there to be such a spark at that first meeting that you both agree to go elsewhere for a real first date. If that’s the case, then some caution needs to be exercised. You have to remember that you really don’t know the person and so your personal safety should be foremost in your mind.

That first date should be a very public place, such as a restaurant, movie theater or other venue with many people around. It’s unwise for it to be at a park or for you to venture to a secluded area even while you may have gone to a very public place for the first date. For example, the parking lots of some establishments are poorly lit and an assault could take place in a matter of minutes without anyone knowing.

And while the date may be planned for a public location, attention needs to be also given about how you will get to the location. If the offer is made to pick you up, you also need to exercise caution to make sure there are no potentially dangerous spots along the way where the other individual could make a detour.

It’s also important to note that the above-mentioned precautions apply whether you are male or female. If you are a male for example, you may not be intimidated by a female, especially if she appears to be far less physically strong than you are. But what if she has —- and they all set up to rob or assault you?

For all the reason mentioned, it’s also preferable that the first date with someone you met inadvertently not take place at someone’s residence.

Among the pluses of meeting someone inadvertently is that it’s very exciting to meet a new person whom you know nothing about. That will cause a lot of anticipation and you’ll be very motivated to find out more about the person, which is what dating is all about anyway.

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