Issues that can Stymie Dating

Dating, like a lot of things in life, can start off promising and hopeful. But like life, it’s not without some prickly problems. There are various issues that can arise that can stymie or put a damper on your dating.

         One of these is if your date is trying to get personal information from you, using the guise of liking you so much that he of she just wants to know you more, but you are unable to get similar information from him or her. Danger signals should definitely go up in that situation if your date is very evasive. If you can’t get an answer or you are always getting different answers about where he or she lives, then you have good reason to be concerned.

         Your date may always be mentioning for example that he or she lives with a family member who is very private. In that situation, you haven’t been able to establish a home address so there would have to be something that is very wrong.

         Warnings should go up if your date’s phone number keeps changing and if there are sudden absences of your date and there are no explanations. Or, if the dates you both have are frequent for a time and then falls of and there aren’t anymore for quite a while. If your date has to be away, certainly he or she should be able to notify you. Again, you won’t be able to put your trust in someone who is here one minute and then is gone the next minute.

         If you find out a big negative factor about your date also, such as a criminal offense or that he or she keeps getting fired from their job or has committed a fraudulent action, that is also going to hinder the further development or even continuation of your dating experience.

         The negative factors you find out about your date will make you think twice about whether or not you can continue to have fun with the person and if you would be able to confide in the person totally about any personal issues in your life. If you have big questions regarding confidentiality and trust, your dating is likely to suffer negatively also. That’s because trust wouldn’t exist and you can’t build any bond, friendship or relationship without trust.

         If there’s a situation where the date seems to be going fine, however you may know that you don’t want it to continue, at some point you will have to voice that feeling to your date and it likely will affect where your dating goes from there. It’s important in such a situation to be open and honest and let your feelings known, because otherwise you risk leading your date on falsely and setting him or her up for a big disappointment, at a time when your date would have been looking forward to getting closer to you.

         Even how you meet your date can play a role in hindering future dating appointments. If you met your date inadvertently, even though you may then go out a few times, the individual can keep putting off more frequent dates and keep you at bay. That’s particularly easy to happen if the phone is your major means of communication.


         But regardless of what is the setback in your dating experience, you need to have patience and tenacity if you think you really like the individual and would like to see more of him or her. By being persistent and not giving up, that may indicate to your date that you have a strong character and resolve, which are wonderful attributes for any date to have.

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