Issues related to Personal Time While Dating

Dating is about spending time together, but since time is precious and can’t be replaced, it can also become an issue while you are dating. Time will be a factor in determining the frequency of dates, when dates occur and also communicating in between dates.

When you begin to date someone, one of the first things you will have to decide is how long the date will last. Issues such as your work schedule and previous appointments may determine the length of date. But more important will be the extent to which you really like the person and you are having a good time.

If you think the date is going well you also have to be careful to be sure the same is true for your date. And even if you both are having a good time, you have to be mindful about any time constraints that may affect your date. While you may have unlimited time on the date, the same may not necessarily be true for your date. By finding out if your date has any other obligations to meet, you will be showing consideration and respect for your date’s personal time and business.

The same is also true for the frequency of dates. If you both can arrange dates and are happy with how often you are seeing each other, then there isn’t a problem. But what if you want dates to happen more frequently? Again, you should ensure that your date has a similar desire and then you both can explore meeting your common intentions. But if one of you is unable to increase the frequency of dates, that should also be understood and respected.

Maybe something that is compromising could be worked out such as shorter visits for coffee or a snack. That way you can see each other, spend some brief time together having short but intimate conversations. The brevity of those mini-dates may even bring you closer together and let you appreciate and enjoy the longer dates even more.

Another personal time issue that has to be worked out is the time that you spend together compared with the time spent with family and with friends, at work or even pursuing a hobby or volunteering.

A date who respects your personal time will understand that you have a need to pursue your own interests and to be with other people who are important to you and who you knew before you even met the person whom you are now dating. So, there shouldn’t be any disagreement, or, you shouldn’t have to justify having to spend time elsewhere when you could also be with your date.

Friends are a significant part of your life and whether or not you are dating someone, you should always make time to keep in contact with them to maintain the friendships. Your friends are individuals in whom you can confide, from whom you can seek help in an emergency and who you can talk to for advice or just to share routine things that happen to you. You will therefore always need them and so shouldn’t let a new friend, your date, ruin or lessen the importance of relationships with your friends.

The same is true for your family. While your closeness with different family members may vary, your family is your foundation and will always be there for you. So you need to respect your date’s desires and decisions that are family-related and your date also needs to do the same for you.

Pursuing a hobby or taking time to volunteer for a cause that you believe in, are also personal issues that you shouldn’t be denied or have to give up. They are activities that will enrich and enhance your life, and ultimately the experience you share while dating.

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