y guy cheerleaders are not gay!!!

y guy cheerleaders are not gay!!!

many guyz won’t develop into a cheerleader for concern that they’ll
be referred to as homosexual. this i dont beneath stand beacause there are numerous
issues that will not make them look homosexual. i’m going to checklist
a number of the causes that cheerleading guyz shouldn’t be
thought-about homosexual.

1.your surrounded by 15-25 ladies on a regular basis.

2.in case your flyer (which is often a woman) falls theres no
telling had been your arms catch her.

three. many stunts (if u are a again spotter)require putting ur arms
on the flyers ass to push her up into the air.

four. a chair reqires u to place your arms between the women legs.

5. there is no such thing as a laying on different boyz (like in wrestling).

6. ladies cant get mad at u for catching them in a nasty spot if
they fall out of a stunt.

the #1 motive boys in cheerleading r not homosexual is:
7. at cheerleading camp you need to leep there n your sleeping
in the identical bunk as 15-25 ladies. there mite not be sufficient beds
u mite need to share w/ sumone.

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