Tax Man

Tax Man

A tax official has come to a rural synagogue for an inspection.
The rabbi is accompanying him.

So rabbi inform me, please, after you’ve gotten distributed all of your
unleavened bread, what do you do with the crumbs?”

Why, we collect them fastidiously and ship them to town and
then they make bread of them once more and ship it again to us.

Ah. So what about candles after they’re burnt? What do you do
with the drippings?”

We ship them to town as nicely, they usually make new candles
from them and ship them to us.

And what about circumcision? What do you do with these leftover

Wearily, the rabbi replies, “We ship them to town as nicely.

To town!? And what do they ship to you?”

As we speak they’ve despatched you to us.

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