Identifying Love While Dating

It’s easy for intense emotions to develop during dating and for all of those emotions to be thought of as love. But where there is obsession and affection that feels stifling, then it may be lust that is on display and not love.

Compared with lust, love is also about having a strong liking for someone and displaying passionate affection for the person. But love involves being considerate, thoughtful, reasonable and understanding. That means love involves positive emotion and makes the individual feel good about him or herself, and also about the person who is displaying the affection.

Love has entered your dating relationship if you are able to confide in and trust your date. It means that you feel comfortable and secure around your date and you want that person to share more of your world. In dating therefore, love is evident not only by warm fuzzy feelings, but also by the extent to which you can relax, be open and be yourself in the presence of your date.

When you both have divulged personal information to each other and told each other of your long- and short-term plans for example, then you both are definitely getting serious because you are sharing things that have a big impact on your life. By sharing such plans, it’s also an indirect way to see if you totally connect and if a life together could work for both of you. If the dating wasn’t getting serious, there would be no such concern about how your different plans could affect each other.

When you deliberately seek the opinions of your date, it means that you value their opinions and want to act on them. If you are ready and willing to get advice from your date and to act on it, then it also means that your date is more to you than the stranger you started dating.

When you are at a stage in dating where you no longer feel very aware of your date, and you don’t feel the need to be careful about all your behavior and mannerisms, then it could be a sign that you both have developed a good understanding of each other and both love what you see.

In that scenario, it would mean that you both think that you are compatible, and where true compatibility exists, it also means that love would have blossomed from your dating experience. Compatibility means that your personalities compliment each other, that you both share the same values, morals and some common interests but that you also have differences that you accept and respect in each other.

That’s another indicator that your dating experience resulted in love, because from getting to know each other while dating, you both liked the differences you saw and embraced them.

It means that the more time you spent together, the more you got to know each other and the closer you became. A closer bond means a deepening friendship and relationship and one in which love is a key element.

More than likely, you both also have felt some passion and magic when you are together, or, warm, fuzzy emotions. Coupled with all the other qualities, it is important that there is strong passion on the part of both you and your date, and also that there is the intangible but very present sense of magic when you are in each other’s company.

If your dating has grown to the stage where there is trust, confidentiality, compatibility, ease in each other’s presence, passion and magic, then it indicates that your dating experience occurred with the right person and you both have fallen in love with each other.

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