How to Tell if Dating is Worth Continuing

After a period of dating, you have to assess and determine the status of what is going on. You will have to make such an assessment to determine what to do and where your dating relationship is going. Is there progress toward being serious, is it about to fall apart or is it just at a standstill. Several factors can be considered to help you to find out if it’s worth it to continue to date the person you are seeing.

One factor to examine is if there is compatibility. Compatibility means that there is general agreement and similarities between you and your date. It means that you both have certain shared interests or, where there are different interests, it is understood and appreciated by the other. When there is compatibility in dating, it means that you and your date can discuss issues and reach a consensus. Whenever agreements are reached, you and your date will also feel satisfied and happy with the end result.

The opposite of this, in situations where there isn’t compatibility, you and your date will constantly be arguing and both or at least one of you will often feel dissatisfied and unhappy with the end result or supposed agreement that was reached. Instead of being able to move forward happily and freely, both or one of you will instead have underlying discontent and suppressed anger. That in turn will lead to even more disagreements and arguments with your date, which can then cause the bond or dating experience to go downhill.

Another factor that relates to compatibility is if you and your date have some similar interests, values and you both are willing to share. While each individual is different and will have different traits and qualities, there must be some similar ground that you and your date can share. If you both are so different and have likes for such different things, then maybe you both can be mutual friends but not be involved in dating. While being friends is a part of dating, the total experience goes beyond being mutual friends. You both must be able to have some similar things that you enjoy and must be willing to share in each other’s world in a close and intimate way for it to be worth your time to continue to date.

It will also be right or worth it to continue dating if you and your date find that you have a certain passion for each other and that there is some magic between the two of you. If there is any progress in your dating toward being serious, you both would have become closer and that involves the emotion. While you need more than just emotions or warm, fuzzy feelings of love to sustain a good relationship and a serious dating affair, the presence of strong and intense affection for the other person is an indication that you both share something deep and meaningful. Having a fair amount of passion and feeling magic in the air when you both are together is therefore a strong indicator that it is worth it to continue to date the individual.

If you have been dating for a while and you find that you also like and are fond of the person, that you both enjoy a close friendship but share a bond which goes beyond just being friends, then you also likely have something special from your dating affair that makes it right. Again, it is important for you to feel an emotion such as fondness for your date because it plays an important role of helping to sustain the relationship when a problem or crisis arises. And that eventually will happen.

Should you find the above-mentioned factors or qualities part of your dating experience, then you are quite fortunate because you would have found a date with whom you can quite possibly enjoy a happy future.

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