How To Determine if Date is Losing Interest

There is a problem brewing if you or your date, while still seeing each other, have disagreements about such things as the frequency of dates, where to go and what to do. Those disagreements may be a signal that your dating experience may be on the path to fizzling, dying or ending. You need to know what signs to look for or to know about to help you to identify when your dating experience may be heading for trouble, before it gets really bad and ends.

A sure sign that you and your date may not be seeing each other for much longer is if you are finding that you spend a lot of time arguing. It could mean that both your personalities don’t blend or that you both have very strong personalities and are both seeking control in your own ways.

If that’s the case and any of those scenarios describe what is happening, the important thing is to recognize it, acknowledge the problem and then find ways to compromise. If the cause of the problem – whatever is causing the constant arguments – is not identified, then you both will continue to be verbally at each other’s throat. That situation will not be healthy as it will take away from having any fun and enjoyment. It also will be a distraction from truly knowing each other. You both will simply have negative feelings about each other based on the heated arguments.

Another sign that there is a loss of interest in dating by your date is if your phone calls, emails and other messages are not being returned. Or, they may be returned but, for example, your date calls when he or she knows that you are unavailable and may or may not leave a message

Those actions all indicate that your date is trying to avoid you. Your date may even want to get you annoyed, frustrated and angry to justify you taking some action such as saying you aren’t interested in seeing the person anymore. That way your date would have made you angry so that you are the one who eventually takes some drastic action, a tactic that lets your date off the hook and avoids blame for the end result of not dating anymore.

Another avoidance behavior that shows there may be loss of interest in dating is when dates are made, but they are consistently being cancelled, postponed repeatedly or put off indefinitely. Again, this shows that your date doesn’t have a great desire in seeing and spending time with you. If your date doesn’t want to be with you, then there is no point to trying to date the person. It will be a futile attempt, even if you do go on a date, because the individual will likely be distracted and not show any enthusiasm.

If you also know haven’t been invited to meet your date’s family and friends after a significant period of time dating, it likely means that you aren’t thought of in a serious manner by your date. If a dating relationship is to go to the next level, at some point you have to be introduced to your date’s friends and family members.

You could have met some friends and family however, even be invited to family gatherings and still there could be trouble brewing for the quality of your dates. The danger signs are in the reactions of family and friends when you are around. You have to observe how comfortable they seem with you around. You need to assess if their conversations are guarded or if they speak openly and freely when you are present.

That’s because your date, who isn’t so interested in you anymore, could tip them off that you will be coming to a family event but that the dating relationship is headed downhill nevertheless.

If you see signs of a loss of interest from your date, tell him or her exactly what you think and ask for honesty about the issue. That way you can hear exactly what the situation is and even if it’s not what you want to hear, you can nevertheless move on with certainty.

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