General Dating Observations

When you begin dating, you and your date are both trying to find out more about each other and you both also are cautious about how much you reveal about yourself. But as the dating game continues, you will begin to be more open and to begin probing more. Consequently, that can give rise to some actions that are not conducive to having a good dating experience.

First and foremost, you should try not to rush the relationship with your date or be too pushy. If you begin to force certain issues, such as to go on a weekend getaway or having sleepovers, you could cause your date to withdraw or put up a defensive wall because he or she is just not ready for those experiences.

You need to trust your instincts and your head, especially early in the dating experience and not let the emotions of your heart rule your actions. You need to step back to see if the situation feels right for both you and your date. And if it’s not what your date wants, then you need to respect that decision.

When one person wants the dating to make a big move in a positive direction, a decision also has to be made if it’s the right thing to do for both of you. Your dating will only work if all actions and decisions are in the best interest of you and your date.

So you both will need to be open and honest to talk truthfully about how you feel, even if you think it’s not what the other person wants to hear. Being honest at the onset will prevent a lot of pain, hurt, disappointment and hard feelings later on.

An issue that you can decide on alone, however, regarding dating is whether you will date one person or have multiple dates, say up to about three people who you may go out with from time to time.

In general, if you are someone who likes uncomplicated situations, then that’s a  reason you should have just one person whom you are dating. Having more than one date simultaneously, even just an additional one more, can cause complications, although such complications may be minor. For example, the first task in dating of arranging a time to meet, becomes more difficult when you have to carve out time fourfold – twice for yourself and one time each for the two dates.

Given the time demands and scarcity to have or make time to do things for yourself personally, it likely will prove challenging to be able to schedule adequate time frequently to meet more than one date. While it can be done, the point is it will be a bit demanding and will present complications. So since you like a life that is free of demands and complications as much as possible, you shouldn’t try to have multiple dating experiences.

Maybe the most overwhelming reason not to have multiple dates simultaneously and to stick to a single dating partner, is if there is strong attraction for the person. In such a case, there clearly would be the potential for a relationship to be established. There would therefore be no reason for wanting to date others.

If there’s a strong attraction between you and your date, and the same exists on the part of the date, then your dating relationship would be successful, or would be on the way to being successful in meeting the objective of the dating game – finding a person with whom you want to send the rest of your life, or with whom you want to share life with exclusively.

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