Factors That Indicate a Good Date

When you start dating, all your expectation and anticipation is that it will be a positive experience that will be full of fun and will be enjoyable. It’s hard not to think or visualize that the person you are dating will have wonderful qualities and a strong bond, friendship and relationship will develop. Well, that’s not impossible and it could quite likely be so if the following factors are consistently present.

A good indication that you are in a good dating situation is when the bond or connection that you both have is strong. You will find that as time goes by you are getting to like the person more, you feel good about your date and your date also makes you feel good about yourself. The environment that is created by you and your date is therefore one that is positive, uplifting and filled with good feelings and emotions. That makes for a good date and good dating experiences because you both will be looking for the best and will constantly be feeling upbeat and energetic.

An upbeat and positive feeling will also be created if your date is pleasant and complimentary. Pointing out good things about someone shows that you are self-confident and secure and that you recognize valuable attributes and positive characteristics when you see them. Being complimentary creates a good dating experience because it will lift your self-esteem and self-confidence, making you feel good about yourself. In that state of mind, you are also likely to feel more empowered, which also contributes to increasing your self-confidence. Even if and when your date is critical, it is done in a constructive way so that the focus is on correcting the problem.

When your date is also ambitious and encouraging, that is also a positive situation for you to be in. An ambitious person is one who is always working hard, striving to get to the next level, and someone who seeks challenges and wants to learn more. A date who is ambitious therefore is seeking to improve his or her life. If you are in a dating relationship with such a person, it also means that you will receive some of those benefits.

It’s also a good dating situation when your date gives you personal space, respects your time and is trustworthy. These are all qualities that are part of the foundation for building a solid long-term relationship. Whether your desire is to have a dating relationship that will develop into a long-term commitment of marriage or a civil union, or you want to have a solid bond with a person where there isn’t a formal union, you will need the above-mentioned qualities in your relationship.

If you and your date are having a lot of  fun and one or both of you makes each other laugh, then it’s a no-brainer that the dating experience is positive and you will want it to continue. Being able to laugh is an obvious way of showing that you are having fun. But it also says there is a relaxed atmosphere and that you are taking time to enjoy some of the lighter moments in life.

A positive sign that your date and dating experience is in a good place is also when your date is attractive to others. When other people like your date and you hear good things about him or her, then it means that the person behaves in a way so that others have a positive perception of him or her.

You may not find all of the qualities or factors mentioned in your date, but if there are more positive ones and none or very few negative ones, then you likely will have dates that will be good, will be worth remembering, and which you will want to sustain.

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