Factors That Indicate a Bad Date

Even in the most promising situations in daily life, you can often experience letdowns or big disappointments. The same is true with dating as it can turn out to be worse than was expected. Because you are dealing with humans and their flawed characters, anything, including the most unexpected, can or should be expected.

An indication that a date and the subsequent dating experience may not be at all what you expect, is if the person scares you, makes you feel uncomfortable or afraid when you are together. Your date may not outwardly show any behavior to make you feel this way, but your guts, or instinct, tells you that something isn’t right. Because you don’t have anything solid to prove what you think, you may actually also feel like ignoring it or thinking that it’s only due to paranoia. But many times when our guts tells us a situation isn’t right, you should pay attention to those feelings because there obviously is something going on that you just may not be able to put your finger on.

Another sign that your dating experience may be a bad one is if you have doubts and uncertainty about trusting your date. Trust is one of the important elements that even a basic or young relationship needs. If it is missing, or if it isn’t developing, then you likely won’t be able to have a positive dating experience. You need to trust your date to confide in him or her, you need to trust that your date can keep their word and you need to establish trust that whatever your date says, you will be able to believe it.

If your date is disrespectful to others, and particularly if there are times when your date disrespects you, then you have bad dating experiences in the making. If your date disrespects you then it means that he or she will be doing things on a frequent basis that will be insulting to you and which will hurt your feelings. Having hurt feelings and insults thrown at you is not healthy because it won’t make you feel good about yourself. And if you don’t feel good about yourself, you can’t have fun or enjoy your date. So there’s no point in continuing dates or continuing to date someone who doesn’t show you respect.

A person who is disrespectful is one who doesn’t care how his or her behavior affects others. That person may also engage in other improper behavior such as being rude, cursing, and having poor social etiquette. To be in that environment or to be around someone who behaves like that is certainly not close to being the best of situations. You should get yourself out and not make the mistake of thinking that the person may change. Even if there’s the real possibility of that happening, let the change happen first before you resume dating the individual.

A bad date and dating situation is also one in which the individual will lie, be caught telling lies and will also be selfish. Again, if your dating situation involves lies or half-truths, it will be bad because you will not be able to establish trust or to fully gain the confidence of the individual. If someone lies, you also can’t be sure that what you know of them is true. If you can’t be certain about what you think you know of an individual, then you need to end the dating arrangement.

If your date shows any selfish behavior, you also will need to stop arranging dates because it means that your desires won’t be met. It’s of utmost importance therefore that you recognize signs that indicate serious faults with your date and with the dating relationship. If the signs indicate a bad date and you experience a terrible time while dating, then quite simply, it’s a bad situation and you should seek to end it as soon as you can.

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