Etiquette to Observe During Dating

Etiquette is not a word that is used much these days, but what it represents still matters and is looked for in different ways by people. Etiquette refers to behavior and mannerisms that reflect on a person. Etiquette is also about how an individual’s behavior and action affect others.

The mannerisms that are important include being courteous, respectful to others, and behaving in a way so that the public has a perception of you that is positive. Your date needs to be courteous because it affects what others will think. And while you can’t always be concerned about what others think, nor should it rule how you behave, you have to conform to certain norms in society and being courteous is one of them.

Being courteous also makes it pleasant to be around an individual. Plus, if your date isn’t courteous to others, it’s hardly likely he or she will be courteous to you. If being courteous is an issue, then it means there will be disrespect.

Having respect is another attribute that is also important. You must have respect for yourself and for others who deserve such respect, including your date. If you don’t give or get respect from your date, then common sense would say that you shouldn’t be dating.

Having respect during dating means that you won’t engage in offensive behavior or say offensive things because it will definitely ruin the dating experience. Offensive behavior includes such seemingly little things as picking nose, clipping or cleaning nails in public or while out on a date, and spitting in public. Even a habit like scratching ones hair or any part of your body, isn’t looked on positively.

But what is considered offensive can change over time, as well as how one reacts to offensive comments and behavior. When you have been dating for a while and you and your date have gotten to know each other better, you’ll both feel freer to be open. Because you both know each other better, you also know the bounds of what is acceptable to be said and done.

But even with familiarity, some of the previously mentioned behavior like clipping nails in public and picking nose are never acceptable, because they are so highly personal and are only suitable to be done within very personal and private space of your home.

Punctuality and time are also valuable attributes that can be considered to be part of good etiquette while dating. Time is valuable. It therefore shows that you respect the person and the agreement that was made related to a date. It shows that you can keep your word and that the date or the occasion is important and matters to you. You therefore want to be punctual and not have an unconcerned attitude that it doesn’t matter and that you can show up late.

By keeping your word, it also helps to build trust and confidence in the dating relationship. If an individual can’t keep their word, then you have to question if the individual can be trusted. If you or your date can’t keep an agreement early in the dating process, then mistrust will develop. Without trust, there’s little point in getting to know more about the person because you would have already not liked what you saw and know of the person.

The quality of speech displayed by you and your date should be good because it also reflects a lot about an individual. Speech gives an indication of your education status, affects how you are perceived and also reflects on you and your date’s potential as partners.

Speech is a mode of expression that says who you are. If it is poor, then it will reflect poorly on you and have a negative effect on the person whom you are dating. Lack of good speech or using improper speech also means you won’t be able to communicate properly. If you or your date can’t communicate properly then it means others can take disadvantage of you, making both you and your date vulnerable.

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