Effect of Work, Time and Distance on Dating

Time is so important that there is a saying that ‘time is money.’ If that’s the case then your dates had better be worth the time spent to arrange and plan them. Because time is so important, consideration therefore has to be given to how frequent your dates will be. And if your date is located far away, you also will have to be careful about the effect of that distance on your ability to date and on the quality of relationship that you develop.

A primary factor that will affect your dates – the time you can spend and the frequency with which they occur, is the work hours of you and your date and also how demanding your job is.

Just about everyone’s life revolves around their work. For most people who work for someone else, they have to show up at a particular time, get the job done, and then leave. That means that you and your date’s day may be filled with a large volume of things to get done, stress and worry on those days when things don’t go right.

After leaving work, while it’s good to have ways to relieve the stress, if you or your date is tired, it’s hardly likely that you will feel like arranging a date, or have the energy to go out.

Those are factors that must be considered when either you or your date wants to push to increase the frequency of your dating. Both of you may have different workloads and stress level and so may not feel equally tired at the end of the day.

Along with the commitment of work, there may also be other obligations that you or your date, or both of you have, outside of work. This could be volunteer activity, it could be a second job, an evening class or time with family and friends.

A second job will add to you or your date’s fatigue level and even further decrease opportunities for more dates. But a volunteer activity could help to reduce stress and leave you or your date feeling more energized and therefore willing to consider seeing you, if only briefly.

What you have to realize is that each of those activities are important and it isn’t easy, or there isn’t an option, to curtail the hours of any of them to accommodate more frequent dating.

Given the detriment of distance in long distance dating, you may wonder how then can an effort to develop a closer bond occur. The telephone used to be the primary way of maintaining contact. But the explosion of technology has brought on an astounding array of communication mechanisms and gadgets.

The telephone still plays a big role however, because next in importance to being with someone is being able to hear their voice. The telephone can now also enhance contact in long distance dating by sending picture and video. And text messaging using the telephone is another way of communicating with someone in real-time.

Communicating with your date who is far away, by using other means except the telephone is another benefit that modern technology has brought. Using the computer, real-time communication can be done by instant messaging. And although email isn’t the same as instant messaging or text messaging, it’s also another communication option that has enhanced long distance dating. In addition, pictures and video can also be sent via the computer.

The disadvantage of dating with each individual being far apart is clearly that the limitations in seeing each other, as they aren’t physically able to be together. It doesn’t mean however that romance can’t develop. Long distance dating for a couple who are really fond of each other could actually be very beneficial by making them cherish more the few times when they can be together.

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