Dating at College

The college environment is one filled with lots of young people who have full of life and energy, are bright, fresh and are at a period in their lives when they are looking forward to life. It therefore is great ground, over the typical four years that college lasts, for finding a date.

Collegians also are young people who are on their own, many of them for the first time in their lives. They are away from home in an environment with many people their own age and with their interests. Along with being at college to get an education, they also want to have fun and enjoy their new found freedom as much as they can.

College is fertile ground to find a date because the hundreds of students who are there have diverse backgrounds and interests, which makes them interesting and makes it more likely to find someone with whom you can find a romantic connection.

Although college is about learning and getting an education, not everyone has the same level of seriousness or intensity regarding their studies. Consequently, you’ll be able to find someone suitable to date if you are highly motivated or stimulated intellectually. If you like to debate theories, argue about policy issues or have conversations to hear different viewpoints, you can seek out individuals who have a similar liking.

Consequently you will be able to engage your date intellectually and also have your intellectual curiosity sparked.

And if you are less serious, you also can find a date whose interest in learning is similar to yours. But instead of having discussions with your date, you may find that you both help each other out with class assignments and generally in managing the workload of college. Your date may therefore be studying the same or a completely different subject area. What’s important is that you both compliment each other in being able to offer assistance in areas of common study. Of, you both can be supportive of each other by offering encouragement, which is always needed, when a challenging study topic arises or a difficult assignment has to be completed.

Being on the same college campus also is an advantage in dating because you can get to see the person frequently. A date can therefore be as simple as meeting in the library between classes, relaxing on the college greens or taking a moment to take a break from study by going to the pool hall for a round or two.

Given the cost of college, which forces many students to be frugal, a date could also be having a lunch that consists of that perennial favorite of college students – pizza.

Despite such dates being simple, they will still fulfill the purpose of being with the individual and getting to know him or her.

Going beyond those simple dates, it also shouldn’t be a difficult task to arrange times for fancier dates to go out on the town. Although different courses will have different volume of work, the basic college schedule is the same. That makes it easier to make time for dates and to arrange them.

Because interaction with others at college is inevitable, it also provides an advantage in that you also can get the opinion of others about your date. Getting an opinion will also be more specific, going beyond someone’s mere perception. Others will be able to state what the person is like in the classroom, in the dorm room and in any other inadvertent meeting with the person.

A disadvantage of dating someone at college is that most college students are young and have no, or limited experience about life and its challenges. They therefore really don’t have a true knowledge of themselves, their personality, what they may be looking for in a date and their purpose in life.

If you eventually form a close bond with your date, he or she could be someone who is shallow and who could change after having more knowledge and life experience. But that possibility shouldn’t be very worrisome because many dating partners from college do eventually go on to be married couples.


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