Communicating while Dating

The technology explosion and the number of gadgets that are commonplace with everyone has given rise to a number of ways to communicate. But too much of a good thing can be bad , because with the myriad of ways to communicate, you have to decide about the best way to do so and also when is the best or appropriate time.

You’ll therefore find that making a wise decision on the mode of communication to use in a particular situation while dating is something you will have to decide. Communication is important during dating because contact needs to be maintained to sustain the dating relationship.

The modes of communication now available and in common use are via the computer through email and instant messaging and via telephone which includes text messaging. It may seem almost nonsensical to imagine that thought should be given to the mode of communication. But if you think about it, there are some things that you wouldn’t want to communicate via email and there are times that you want to reach someone by telephone. So the mode of communication does matter.

The method you use to communicate with your date may be determined by your schedule as well as by time constraints on both you and on your date. If you have a personal wireless device that can receive email, then messages can be sent and received at any time without any concerns.

Email can also be a good way to communicate when there are time constraints, because it can be sent and read at any time. For example if you are on the road or somewhere at a far distance, email and instant messaging can be a good and effective way to keep in touch. It’s particularly effective during those times as a way to send lighthearted messages or something funny to let your date know that you are thinking about he or she.

While an important message can be sent to someone at work via email, it’s something that has to be done with care. You should always be careful about messages that are sent to work emails. That’s because many companies, especially large ones, have rules that archive all messages. There also rules about not sending any offensive content, which if discovered, can lawfully lead to punitive action against the individual.

In general however, email is an effective means of communicating in between dates for important and unimportant issues.

But there are times when email isn’t the best way to say something, and in fact, may even cause a disagreement or make your date angry if email is used. If there’s an issue that you both need to talk about, it’s best to not try to attempt to resolve or discuss the issue through email. That’s because it will seem cold and impersonal, and actually could give the impression that you want to avoid truly getting to the root of the matter.

In cases like that, if you can’t meet in person, then a phone conversation is best. For issues that are important, and for a more personal and intimate interaction in which you are hearing the person’s voice, communication is best done by a phone call. And of course making a phone call is the best way to contact your date when there’s a need for instant communication about an important matter.

Technology has therefore played an important role in making more means of communication available, which enhances the frequency of contact you can enjoy with your date. As with anything else, caution and consideration should be taken into account when deciding to send off a quick email or text message. It’s fine if the message is about something pleasant or routine. But if it’s not, such as if its about a possible breakup, try not to do what many are doing now and just ‘send an email’ because that way you don’t have to hear or deal with the person. Remember, if you do it, it could also be done back to you.

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