Superman and Wonderwoman

Superman and Wonderwoman

Superman and certainly one of his superhero mates are flying round
Metropolis sooner or later, searching for bother like they often do.
Seeing no crime, Superman makes the suggestion that the 2 fly
right down to the seashore to see what’s going on. His pal, being
bored, fortunately agrees.

As the 2 fly alongside the seashore, they spot Marvel Girl, “unfold
eagleon the seashore. Superman’s pal is just amazed by what
he’s seeing. Superman, seeing his pal’s astonishment and
trying to impress him even additional, proclaims, “I will wager you
$10 that I can fly down there, screw her and fly again earlier than she
even realizes that I am doing it.His pal, eyes nonetheless fastened
on the bare magnificence, seems at Superman and simply begins laughing.
I might wish to see thatyou are on.

So Superman flies down, bam-bam-bam, flies again and says, “See,
I instructed you I may.His pal, clearly impressed, forks over
the $10. Simply then, Marvel Girl says, “What the hell was that?”
And the invisible man replies again, “I do not know, however my ass
certain does harm.

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