A Few Recommended Things to Do While Dating

To ensure that you have an enriching dating experience, you have to concentrate and focus on doing what pleases your date and also makes you happy. Finding a perfect balance may not be easy, but there are basic ways to start and things to do that will make the dating experience a memorable one.

Among the most basic thing to do while dating is to say thank you. After a first date, you should always call or speak directly to your date and express appreciation for going on that first date. You should also mention how wonderful the date was and also how pleasurable it was to have gone out with the person.

Saying thanks and expressing appreciation should continue for the first few dates, or even for a while, until you both are at that stage where you are comfortable with each other and are in an exclusive dating relationship. At that stage, you will say thanks in different ways Or, it may be understood by some actions such as sharing a kiss, a squeeze or just a look in the eyes.

But it will always be a good thing to express thanks. Even after you both know each other very well, if a special favor was done or an unexpected gift was received, it will be an occasion to express appreciation and gratitude.

While each date will be special, there will be many other special occasions such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, the holidays getting a promotion, an award or other special recognition. For each or any of those occasions, it is a good idea to also do something extra special for your date to show what you think of the achievement in your own way.

By doing so, you will be expressing and showing that your date means a lot to you and that you also realize the importance of the event, achievement or milestone to him or her. That recognition will make your date know that you are very aware of what matters and what is important  in their life. It will also show that you can take pride in your date’s accomplishment without having any feeling or sentiment of jealousy or envy.

When there isn’t a special occasion however, you can always make your date feel special by complimenting him or her. A common way of giving a compliment is by saying something positive about the person’s appearance. But giving a compliment is also a way of praising someone. So, for example, you can compliment your date for the way in which he or she did something, such as the way a situation was handled or how something was said. Again, such actions show that your date that you are paying keen attention and that you are very interested in the dating experience.

Another basic action that you need to display while dating is being courteous. Displaying courtesy shows a certain level of intelligence, education, respect for yourself and for others. It shows that you have certain intrinsic qualities that are worthy of admiration, and therefore that you have positive attributes. Without even knowing much more about you, having those qualities makes you a pleasant and personable individual who will attract attention and will be thought of in a positive way.

It’s also recommended that you show concern about your date’s safety and well-being, especially a female, by making sure she reached home safely. But the same can also be shown by a woman for man when a particular situation exists. Say, for example, during the date or even on the way to the date he experienced car problems or had cause for concern about how his car was driving, then after the date it’s quite fine for you to call to make sure everything was okay and that he too reached home safely.

Communicating during dating in a positive way is therefore something that should be done because it will enhance your date’s perception of you, as well as of the overall dating experience.

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