3 guys die, a miss understanding

3 guys die, a miss understanding

three Guys wait in line to get into heave, as they await in entrance of
the Pearly Gates, St. Peter asks all of them, “How did u die?”

The primary man mentioned,”Properly, you see, i got here residence early from work
sooner or later as a result of I assumed my spouse is perhaps dishonest on me. So i
got here residence and noticed her in mattress bare, however there was nobody there.
i regarded within the closet, within the lavatory and the cellar. Nobody
there. i used to be about to surrender when i noticed ten little finger
hanging on the window. So i jumped on the ledge and that i began
to stomp and punch his fingers. he lastly let go,he bounced
down the highway, via a bush and into the park,not a scratch on
him. Then i via my fridge and it fell on him and killed him.
i felt so unhealthy that i killed myself afterwards.”

St.Peter, “okay you are in”

The second man mentioned,” Properly u see, i used to be cleansing the home windows of
an residence constructing after which the ropes of the platform broke
and i used to be hanging by a window ledge. Then out of no the place this
man jumps on the ledge and begins to stomp and punch and fingers
and that i lastly let go. i bounced down the highway via a bush
and into the park, not a scratch on me. then, out of no the place a
fridge lands on me and kills me.”

St. Peter mentioned, “okay ur in”

The third man says,” effectively u see, i used to be playing around with a
married lady. she mentioned she heard her husband come residence, so i
hid within the fridge…….”

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